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We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of drilling machines for glass and sinters, cutting tables and warehouses for glass and sheet metal.


Next level of perfection

Thanks to quartz countertop stands, storage becomes much easier!


It should be remembered that the quartz countertop stands made by Expoglass are produced from the highest quality stainless steel. However, there is no need to worry that the countertops will be damaged when accidentally hit with them on the proposed rack. Thanks to the pull-out, slightly tilted drawers, it is not a problem to place the product in them. In the racks, you can store not only quartz countertops or glass, but also polycarbonate sheets, furniture boards, and stone.

Quartz Countertop Stands

If you need multifunctional stands, we invite you to take advantage of our offer. The articles included in it have been designed in such a way that they do not take up much space, while allowing the storage of a large number of sheets of various materials. They are available at an attractive price and tailored to the needs of different people.

Therefore, they are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers, looking for pull-out storage units made by a professional and trustworthy company - Expoglass, offering modern warehouses and machines facilitating the storage and processing of glass, as well as other sheet materials.

Expoglass - retractable warehouses for sheet materials


Stands for quartzite slabs offered by Expoglass are very similar in structure to the glass sheet racks we also have. This means that they are equally functional and differ in dimensions, which allows them to store slabs of different sizes. One of the most popular Expoglass products among customers is the rack for quartzite slabs - S140. It is a warehouse that finds its application in stonemasonry plants and others, where products of interest to us are stored.

Rack for quartzite slabs - S140. Why is it worth having?

Taking into account the number of types of slabs, our warehouses significantly facilitate work in the mentioned plants, visibly reducing the storage space. At the same time, each employee has easy access to them. In addition, racks for M140 and others that we have allow them to be displayed while maintaining a high level of aesthetics. There are many reasons to be interested in our racks.

Expoglass glass machines, glass and sinter drilling machines, cutting tables and warehouses
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