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We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of drilling machines for glass and sinters, cutting tables and warehouses for glass and sheet metal.


Next level of perfection



EXPOGLASS glass cutting tables are machines supporting manual glass cutting

Glass cutting machines - why are they so useful in a glass factory?

Glass cutting table is a machine whose proper construction requires years of experience from the manufacturer. The individuals who co-create Expoglass company definitely do not lack it, thanks to which the devices produced by us are characterized by innovation and effectiveness in operation. These features make every glass cutting table developed in accordance with our vision generate a lot of interest among companies whose activities are based on processing this demanding material.




Fast and easy glass processing with a glass cutting machine


When choosing to use Expoglass services, you can be sure of the profitability of making such a decision in several respects. The most important advantage of cooperating with us is, of course, receiving a glass table that is easy to use, carefully tested during its production, and completely new equipment. Using it allows you to effectively protect even the most delicate glass panes from partial or complete damage. Additionally, our glass cutting machines are constantly being improved, which means that the Expoglass offer includes increasingly modern models of devices equipped with options that were missing in their predecessors. This action allows our company to be considered one of the leaders in terms of its contribution to the development of the domestic glass industry.

Glass cutting machine at an affordable price

When purchasing one of our glass cutting machines, please remember that they are not uniform. Each of the Expoglass tables is equipped with different features, which means that customers have the chance to purchase models with both full and partial equipment. Everything about them can be found on our website. However, we would like to encourage you to be interested in our glass tables, guaranteeing that their purchase does not require a deeper reach into your pocket. Buying one of the machines is a wise investment, resulting in the acquisition of a table capable of operating at the highest level of performance for many years. This is entirely possible because all you need to do is properly and regularly maintain the glass cutting machine, which does not entail any additional fees. That is why we recommend everyone to equip their own facilities with at least one of the Expoglass production tables. The price at which they are available most strongly encourages personal conviction of their very high quality in terms of execution and operation.





Our advanced series of glass cutting tables, in which, in addition to all the advantages of the basic version, we have, among others: pneumatic lifting, air cushion or pneumatic breakers.





We invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic version of our glass cutting tables, which, in addition to the excellent quality of workmanship, are also lifted by two gas springs.

Expoglass glass cutting tables are machines supporting manual glass cutting, produced in two basic sizes:

  • Small table - worktop dimensions - 1900 mm x 2800 mm
  • Large table - worktop dimensions - 2400 mm x 3400 mm
  • XL table - worktop dimensions - 2600 mm x 3400 mm


ATTENTION!!! It is not possible to install additional equipment after purchasing the table. The equipment configuration must be precisely specified at the time of placing the order.

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