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We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of drilling machines for glass and sinters, cutting tables and warehouses for glass and sheet metal.


Next level of perfection

EXPOGLASS Priam driller - Advanced features:


- Automatic material thickness measurement:


*2 spindles (front and rear) enable drilling of sheets in one pass without the need for rotation.
*Electronically controlled loading bar - to set the dimension of the lower edge of the glass from the opening, just enter the desired dimension on the touch screen - the machine will adjust itself to the appropriate position
*Quick drill change mode - after pressing the drill change button, both spindles are automatically blocked (they cannot be rotated), the vertical tabletop, which is between both drills, slides down - thus opening a large space between them. This means that the drills can usually be unscrewed by hand without any problems, and there is plenty of space to conveniently perform this operation.


- Automatic measurement of drill length, diameter and position:


*After replacing the drills, automatic calibration takes place - their length is measured, thanks to which the machine knows at what distance from the material the drilling face of each drill is located - very important in small plants where no series are made, but most holes are made individually. This allows for precise drilling without the need for complicated configuration
*Automatic calculation of the spindle recess depth: After calibration, the machine checks the material thickness itself and automatically selects the ideal recess values, and the operator's tasks will only include clicking a button - "drilling", which will take place completely automatically
*The drill diameter is also checked - together with the above parameters, the machine itself selects the appropriate rotational speeds for drilling, so there is no fear of incorrect parameter settings.


- Electronically controlled spindle feed:


*This feature significantly increases the machine's versatility by allowing you to precisely adjust the spindle feed to suit various needs. With just a few taps on the screen, you can go from drilling 15 mm to 2 mm thick glass, without worrying about cracks or chips, and without the need for operator experience or intuition.


Expoglass Priam is the epitome of precision, efficiency and ease of use in glass drilling technology. Invest in a machine that simplifies your operations and delivers consistent, high-quality results. Increase your machining capabilities with Expoglass Priam today.

Expoglass Priam is a vertical two-spindle driller designed for customers looking for functionality, ease of use, and durability. When designing it, we returned to the old school of machine construction - on heavy, heat-treated steel bodies; with mechanical solutions that facilitate subsequent operation and service. This unique approach guarantees years of trouble-free drilling in various materials, offering a significant return on investment.

To ensure that the elements of our drill are made with due care, we produce them in Poland with the help of local partners. Even the main body is made on-site, by us, and then subjected to heat treatment and further processes in local areas. Thanks to this, the entire production is carried out under our careful supervision and any imperfections can be detected and eliminated before the product reaches the Customer. Ultimately, also supporting the local machine industry.

Dual-spindle driller for various types of glass

A dual-spindle glass drill can be used for processing different-sized glass panes. The most important thing is that all buyers of our proposed devices have the opportunity to work without the need to rotate the glass upside down, which becomes not only inconvenient but also dangerous for the glass, which may be more or less damaged over time. To avoid such situations, we recommend considering Expoglass glass drills, which allow you to make a hole in one pass due to the presence of two spindles.


Vertical driller with great capabilities

Among the other advantages of dual-spindle glass drills, it is worth mentioning automatic measurement of drill length and position, quick drill change mode, electronically controlled spindle feed, and electronically controlled loading strip. It is also worth noting that the vertical drill is compact, being very shallow, so placing it in a given room is not a challenge.




Produced and distributed simultaneously by Expoglass, glass drillers find their application in successive plants, both Polish and foreign. The main incentive for using them is the fact that the employees operating them can perform their duties much more efficiently and in a completely safe manner for the processed material, enabled by modern technologies applied in the production process of our glass hole saws.

Glass Driller Capabilities

Glass hole saw is currently one of those machines that are particularly desirable among all available on the glass market. This is because the described device provides many possibilities of its practical application. Expoglass customers know well that we constantly improve our offer, including the latest models of vertical glass drills. However, the Priam and Priam Maxi products are particularly popular. Their quality ensures that regardless of which machine a person decides to purchase, they will receive a fully customized product tailored to their needs, available - importantly - at a very attractive price.

Glass drilling machine


Expoglass Priam Driller - functionality at the highest level

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