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Expoglass Priam drilling machine - functionality at the highest level



The Priam is a two-spindle,vertical glass drilling machine, designed and manufactured in Poland. It is a device that was created for customers who need emachine that is functional and easy to use but also very durable...


Data sheet containing basic technical data of the product.

High safety of use

Increase of efficiency and reduction of the number of operators

Less material loss

The Priam is a two-spindle,vertical glass drilling machine, designed and manufactured in Poland. It is a device that was created for customers who needemachine that is functional and easy to use but also very durable.

When designing the Priam glass drilling machine, we returned to the old school of mechanical engineering - machines with heavy steel bodies, heat treated built in such way that exploitation and service can be executed efficiently . Thanks to this different approach to design and production, our machine allows long-term, trouble-free glass drilling, which achieve multiple return on investment. To make sure that the elements of our machine are made with care, we manufacture them in Poland with our local cooperators. Even the main body of the machine is manufactured in our company in Nysa and then heat treated and later processed localy. As a result, all production is carried out under our careful supervision and any imperfections can be detected and eliminated before the product reaches the customer. Finally, also supporting european machning industry.

Expoglass Priam - functionality at the highest level:

2 spindles (front and rear) - allow drilling of the glass in a single pass - without turning it
Electronically controlled loading bar- to set the dimension of the bottom edge of the glass to the center of the hole, simply enter the desired dimension on the touch screen - the machine will position itself to the appropriate position
Quick drills change mode - after pressing the drill button, both spindles are automatically locked (you can not rotate them), the vertical table, which is between two drill bits, goes down - thus opening a large space between them. Thank to this process ,normally, the drill can be unlocked without using a single key (in the worst case, only one), with a lot of space for comfortable carrying out this operation.
Automatic measurement of the length of drills - after the exchange of drills, automatic calibration is performed - measuring their length so that the machine knows the distance between sheet and drill face of each drill - very important in small companies where most holes are made individually not in series
Automatic calculation of spindle depth - after automatic spindle calibration,  operator needs only to set on the touch screen the thickness of  drilled glass.  After that, machine automatically chooses the ideal values ​​of dephts and the operator's tasks will only include clicking on the button - "drilling"  since the whole operation is performed automatically.
Electronically controlled spindle feed - allows to significantly increase parameters of drilling. Thanks to this feature the spindle feed values ​​can be perfectly matched to each situation and changed by a few clicks on the screen. This is illustrated, for example, by the fact that if, after drilling 15mm glass, we need 10 seconds to change settings, we can immediately drill 2mm glass without fear of cracking it. And all this without the operator's experience.
Automatic adjustment of RPM - it is enough to enter on the touch screen the diameter of the drill  bit  and machine will automatically select a specific speed of rotation
Drilling in a closed chamber - the Expoglass drilling machine has a separate drilling spindle not mounted directly on the electric motor. Which translates into several important advantages:
- Easier service
- High rigidity of the system
- Minimized vibrations
- Increased security
- Improved cooling capabilities
- Reduced splashing of water and thus extended life of the machine
Massive, ribbed body, subjected to heat and mechanical treatment - even the most precise systems and mechanisms lose their sense on a flaccid body that deforms during operation. Due to the highly oversized body, the Expoglass drill has very low vibrations and deformations during operation, which makes it an extremely vital machine and can work on high parameters with close to zero risk of material breaking.

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