About us

We are a Polish producer of glass machines for processes such as cutting, storage and glass drilling

About the company




For a long time we have also been involved in glass processing, and therefore we have extensive knowledge in this field. These experiences allow us to create devices tailored to the needs of our market.

Knowing the needs of our clients, we focus on functional products that are easy to use and durable.

The entire design and production process takes place in Poland, based on subassemblies of Polish and western producers. This allows us to control and maintain the appropriate quality of products. This approach makes our products excellent solutions for our clients problems, making the glass processing faster, easier and safer.





manufacturing machines which make your work:

- faster

- easier

- safer



Poznan fairs 2017


„We hoped that the presentations would interest potential customers, but we did not expect that the interest would be so big. Two machines have been sold (...) and there is big  response from the Arab and European markets.”

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Glass world - polish glass industry newspaper


A great interest, probably due to the debut and unique functions in class of machines, was enjoyed by our automatic drilling machine, which, according to many customers, may have a strong impact on their purchase plans in the next year.

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